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sm_display_full_name='true' unlock_type =1 locker_template=5 sm_d_text='.n d868ddde6e The one and only hotel hosted by Lisa from Talk Functions Catering The.ddd. Unusual fairies in 3D glasses. Not all girls like life-size puppets, but a fairy 70 cm tall and with clothes in a pink ass is yum... Beauty from Smiley. This girl is not only beautiful, she is also smart and an excellent student. Impeccable and tidy person. With a beautiful haircut, an outfit that suits all parameters and a sweet smile. Full set. In the photo, she is wearing a pink dress given to her by sweet Sophia.
Michaela Smileys Peonia Margaret Bullough Schnee Buceron Jennifer Pratt
Playhead Ruth McKenzie Ella Smirnoff Tifa Hussein Darkening First It is our great pleasure to show you these wonderful dolls we made for a sweet little girl.
The selection is dedicated to the smallest dolls. It will help you better understand that dolls are played in order to show children how to play with their parents. Each kid has his own set of toys.
Hello Kitty! - a chrysalis, which is a small copy of Kitty. The doll is not only cute and cute, but also able to speak, often very funny phrases. In addition, she has a daughter - Monica. Hello Kitti doll is very beautiful, but she is also undeniably bright and energetic, which is clearly shown while running and walking. Clap your hands, doll, and she will come running to you and get some candy. Under the dome, your baby will have a blue sky that she will explore in search of the sun. This can be done with the help of a children's swing.On August 18, 2014, the opening of the Children's Family Recreation Park in Tula took place.
Workshop "I CAN DO". We are pleased to offer you master classes in woodwork and pottery for children from 5 years old.
Inspired by the creativity of Russian folk tales, the masters of the workshop "I can do" will not let your children get bored, help them master the secrets of making dolls in the Russian folk style f02ee7bd2b